Wednesday, February 15, 2012

TCU Football Team

Early in the season last year, suspicions were raised when the TCU football team began their pregame ritual of licking the toads on the side of their helmets on their way to the Poinsettia Bowl. After an investigation into drug dealings around the campus, officials arrested linebacker Tanner Brock, offensive lineman Ty Horn, defensive back Devin Johnson, and defensive lineman D.J. Yendrey. The four football players were among 19 students arrested when police were investigating people selling cocaine, marijuana, ecstasy, and prescription drugs. All four the of the arrested are allegedly drug dealers, according to the TCU police chief, and the four are accused of selling to other students and football players.

During the investigation, Brock told an undercover officer about a surprise drug test that he "for sure" failed and that only 20 players on the roster weren't "screwed," which brings up the question; Why does TCU have 42 kickers on the roster? The drug test was allegedly administered because a prized recruit told coach Gary Patterson he would not attend due to drug use by the TCU football players. The results of the drug test were not released, but Devin Johnson told an undercover officer that 82 players failed the drug test. So that would be over 80% of the little sisters of the poor failing drug tests.

According to the AP, undercover officers bought marijuana from both Horn and Yendrey in November, when they were selling to students and football players. Brock allegedly sold to the police officers when the two ran out. Officers bought the drugs from various locations around campus including outside a grocery store and restaurant. Brock then allegedly gave his number to the undercover cop telling him to come to him instead of the other two players.

Brock was the teams leading tackler 2 years ago, but suffered a foot injury to end his season after one game this year. Yendrey and Johnson combined for 20 starts last season.

Now TCU has no one else to blame but themselves if they can't get a good bowl.

Update: Three more players got charged in this whole drug ordeal today, from CollegeFootballTalk:

Brock is charged with three counts of delivering more than a quarter-ounce of marijuana and one count of possessing two ounces or less of marijuana; Horn was charged with delivering more than a quarter-ounce of marijuana and one count of delivering less than a quarter-ounce; Yendry was charged with three counts of delivering more than a quarter-ounce of marijuana in a drug-free zone. He also received one count of delivery of more than a quarter-ounce not in a drug-free zone and two counts of delivering less than a quarter-ounce.

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