Monday, February 13, 2012

Roburt Sallie G Ex-Memphis

Former Memphis basketball player Roburt Sallie was cut from his overseas Spanish professional team for "disciplinary reasons", however translated from comes the apparent real reason he was cut from the team, though it seems to not be a big deal.

Sallie apparently didn't tell the team that he was taking ExtenZe, a penis enlargement pill, and it caused him to fail a drug test with heightened levels of testosterone. Also noted by the website is the following (translated from Spanish);
was then understood why the player, formed in college Memphis and graduated a year before finishing his basketball career in the NCAA, his poor relationship with peers, and almost never take a shower in the locker room, or after games or practice, so you will not see her naked peers. hoped to do at home, although sometimes spend many hours, and had a long trip by coach involved.
So now whats worse -- testing positive for elevated levels of testosterone allegedly due to Herpes like Ryan Braun, getting busted with unprescribed Viagra like Raiders WR Louis Murphy, or for trying to enlarge your penis like Sallie?

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