Thursday, February 23, 2012

Preston Bailey OT Middle Tennessee State

Preston Bailey III played 7 games for Middle Tennessee State last year as a junior before going down with an injury. He received a medical scholarship from the school, and was to continue his career. Then he decided to use his scholarship money for something else other than books and tuition.

Police went to Bailey's house after receiving a tip about drugs. Inside they found 27.9 grams of marijuana in a bag inside his clothes hamper, along with 322.5 grams of marijuana in jars and just over 6 grams of hash. They also found paraphernalia often used in trafficking marijuana including scales, a grinder, a vaporizer, among other things. Bailey confirmed to police that he used his scholarship money for start up costs on his new business.

MTSU quickly took away his scholarship, and he was swiftly booted from the team. The former 3 star recruit originally signed to play at Tennessee before transferring. Looks like he could have made a better career transferring to TCU.

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