Friday, February 17, 2012

D.J. Byrd G/F, Kelsey Barlow C Purdue

Purdue guard/forward D.J. Byrd and center Kelsey Barlow were at the "Bar" with teammates, when an incident left him Byrd handcuffs with a charge of public intoxication, and Barlow dismissed from the team.

Barlow had been at the bar earlier, but was kicked out. He returned later stating that he had lost his wallet in their but the bouncers did not allow him back in. Barlow left and returned with Byrd and other Purdue basketball players when some kind of confrontation happened and Byrd allegedly assaulted a bouncer. A state police officer just happened to be driving by and Byrd was arrested.

Barlow is the teams starting center, averaging over 8 points a game, while Byrd is the teams top three point shooter and is averaging 8 points a game. He has been suspended from the team, though not dismissed like Barlow. Barlow had previously been suspended last season during the tournament for conduct detrimental to the team.


  1. Barlow was a starting guard, not center

  2. Thank you Mr. Anonymous. Ill fix it chance i get the chance... clearly I don't know much Purdue basketball