Thursday, February 2, 2012

Adam "Pacman" Jones CB Cincinnati Bengals

 Adam "Pacman" Jones has had his fair share of run ins with the law since he came into the league in the first round to the Tennessee Titans, including marijuana possession, had his car seized after lending it to a drug dealer, some public intoxication's and assaults, and, you know, that little matter in Las Vegas where gunshots left one man paralyzed.

After a suspension with a brief stop up north where they play football with 12 players on a long field, and TNA wrestling he came back and played for the Dallas Cowboys and now, go figure, the Cincinnati Bengals. His trouble followed him to Cincinnati, go figure, when he was arrested (while wearing a neck brace) after a fight outside of a bar. He plead guilty and received (more) probation, to add on to the probation that he probably broke for the incident. He claimed in court he was just trying to protect someone he loved.

So here for you guys to enjoy, Pacman Jones showing off his guns.

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