Monday, January 16, 2012

Tanner Lovick SS South Carolina

Tanner Lovick, a shortstop for the South Carolina Gamecocks, becomes the second Gamecock arrested in the last week, in what seems to be a show of police overreaction. First defensive lineman Byron Jerideau was arrested, essentially, for Jaywalking. Now, Lovick was arrested and charged with "Drunkeness" further proving that I should probably be on America's Most Wanted.

Lovick was leaving the appropriately named bar the Village Idiot at around 1:00 AM Saturday night when he bumped into two cops. The cops determined that he was intoxicated and had slurred speech, so they brought the criminal downtown for booking. There might be more to this story, but that's all the police spokeswoman has stated. Lovick has since been suspended from the baseball team.

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