Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Johnny Culbreath OL Detroit Lions

Johnny Culbreath was the Detroit Lions 7th round selection out of South Carolina State, who spent the year on injured reserve due to an illness. I'm going to make the assumption that the illness may be Glaucoma and his arrest for marijuana possession was simply the police taking his medicine.

While at a hotel, guest reported to staff that someone was using marijuana in the facility. Surveillance tapes caught Culbreath putting something in the drawer of a desk in the hallway of the hotel. Police asked him what he put in the drawer, and Culbreath responded "two blunts". Police then searched the drawer and found a bag with "plant material." He appeared in court and paid a fine slightly over $400.

Culbreath becomes the first NFL player arrested since December 30th, 2011. Someone had to be the first arrest of 2012. Congrats Johnny!

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