Thursday, January 19, 2012

Jerome Simpson WR Cincinnati Bengals

Bengals WR/Acrobat Jerome Simpson will be a free agent after this season, however now he may not even be a free man when the time comes.

Simpson was finally indicted after pulling a Freddie Mitchell and having marijuana shipped to his house back in the offseason. 2.5 pounds of high grade marijuana was shipped to his house, as tracked by the feds, and police also found 6 pounds of marijuana and distribution paraphernalia in his home which he shares with Bengals OT Anthony Collins. He was indicted on one charge of trafficking marijuana and faces 1 to 5 years in prison.

Sam Hurd was unavailable for comment, but I think he probably muttered the word "pussy" under his breath.

Bonus picture: Simpson partying with teammate Tyler Thigpen in college.

Of course he's not guilty: Jerome Simpson has plead not guilty to the felony charge of marijuana trafficking that holds a penalty of one to five years in prison. This after police flagged and tracked a 2.5 pound package of marijuana delivered to his residence and found scales plus an additional 6 pounds in his house. I hope he and Sam Hurd have good lawyers.

Update: For getting 2.5 pounds of marijuana shipped to him, in addition to 6 pounds of marijuana in his house, Jerome Simpson got just 15 days in jail. In addition he has to take drug tests, get counseling, and pay court costs along with his three years of probation.

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