Saturday, January 14, 2012

Byron Jerideau DL South Carolina

South Carolina Gamecocks redshirt junior defensive tackle Byron Jerideau was arrested in a 5 Points incident after basically drunk jaywalking.

Jerideau and a group of people were leaving Grandmas Bar when Jerideau crossed the street and yelled profanity at traffic in a "loud manner". He then raised his hands like a traffic cop to stop traffic. Police then came up to Jerideau and he responded in a loud manner, "What? Fucking jaywalking?" Officers then tried to put handcuffs on Jerideau, who they said smelled like alcohol, and he yelled, "I'm not going to fucking jail." Then they took him to fucking jail.

He was charged with traffic/pedestrian on controlled access highway and disorderly/public disorderly conduct according to police.

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