Saturday, January 28, 2012

Aldon Smith OLB San Francisco 49ers

Smith tallied 16 total sacks during the regular season and postseason on his was to the likely defensive rookie of the year award.

However, he may have been celebrating his successful first season a little too hard getting arrested for DUI in Miami.

No other details have emerged regarding the arrest of the #7 overall pick yet, so more to come.

Details Update: Smith's BAC on the first test read above a .19, and his second read above a .17, over twice the legal limit when he was arrested. He was pulled over and arrested at around 4:33 AM when he was seen swerving through traffic making other drivers have to slam on their breaks in order to avoid a collision. The arrested officer turned on his lights which Smith did not respond to, only pulling over when the sirens came on.  Smith admitted to drinking a couple drinks, but told police he was the designated driver.

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