Thursday, December 15, 2011

Sam Hurd WR Chicago Bears

Sam Hurd (middle) came to the Bears from the Dallas Cowboys this past offseason, where he is currently sitting on 8 catches and 109 yards on the season. Now he's being brought in on federal charges that he was trying to buy  more grams of cocaine then career receiving yards he has.

It started in July of this year when a confidential informant gave information to the police that a guy known as "T.L." (a known Hurd co-conspirator)  was trying to buy "approximately 4 kilograms of cocaine" to move to a northern destination that day. Police pulled over and found $88,000 in a bag and marijuana. "T.L." claimed that the money belonged to the owner of the vehicle, which was Hurds. After the HSI agents seized the money, and released "T.L." and the vehicle, Hurd contacted the HSI agents stating that the money was his.

In August, while Hurd was still attempting to reclaim his money, the CI negotiated another deal with "T.L." on Hurd's behalf attempting to purchase 5 kilograms of cocaine. The next day the HSI were informed that 4 people were arrested with money, narcotics, and weapons that were also in contact with Hurd. The text messages from Hurd and "T.L." to those four were consistent with drug trafficking and money laundering.

In September "T.L." called the CI once again stating that he would like to purchase 5 kilograms of cocaine, and that Hurd would like to meet him in person. NFL obligations were not allowing Hurd to be available, so "T.L." said that Hurd's cousins would be able to complete the transaction. On December 5th "T.L." stated that the CI and Hurd needed to meet to discuss future business.

On December 6th, "T.L." called the CI and subsequently handed the phone to Hurd. Hurd stated that he was sending associates to the Dallas area to purchase 5 kilograms of cocaine. "T.L." told the CI that Hurd makes $4,000,000 a year and would have the money ready (In reality, Hurd makes $1,000,000 or under in base salary in '11, '12, and '13 with around $800,000 in bonuses a year) He also stated that Hurd had a different connection that would allow him to get $100,000-$200,000 worth of drugs a week. When the CI contacted Hurd 2 days later and stated the drugs were not ready, Hurd said that he wanted an extra week. The CI stated that he would be in the Chicago area, and Hurd stated that her wanted to meet to discuss prices, quantities, and establish a long term relationship.

Hurd then met with the CI and an undercover HSI agent, and Hurd stated he wanted to purches 5-10 kilograms of cocaine and 1,000 pounds of marijuana PER WEEK for distribution in the Chicago area. The prices were negotiated at $25,000/kilo of cocaine and $450/pound of marijuana. Hurd stated that he already distributed about 4 kilograms of cocaine in the Chicago area per week. Hurd asked the CI and undercover agent if they could provide him with Mexican cell phones because he did not believe that police could listen in on the conversations. The undercover agent gave Hurd a kilo of cocaine and Hurd stated he got out of practice with the Chicago Bears at around 5:30 and would make the payments then. Hurd put the kilo in his vehicle and was subsequently arrested.

It's very unlikely that these charges will be dropped, after all they weren't thrown to Roy Williams, so he can say good bye to his NFL career. When they asked Brian Urlacher for comment, all he stated was that it was a shame they were going to lose a great running back.

Update: it's being reported that authorities have a list in the double digits of NFL players that received drugs from kingpin Hurd. In other words. Grab your popcorn and hold on for the ride.

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