Friday, December 23, 2011

Kelly Pavlic Former Middleweight Champion

Professional boxer Kelly Pavlic, who finished 2 months of treatment for alcoholism at the Betty Ford Clinic in January after a very public battle with alcoholism, has been arrested on charges of Operating a Vehicle Under the Influence, Failure to Control a Motor Vehicle, and Failure to Stop After an Accident.

Police were called and told that two people were driving ATV's and seemed to be intoxicated, and that one was boxer Kelly Pavlic. A friend of Pavlic's claimed that he was driving the ATV and caused the accident, and it wasn't Pavlic. Then he caved and told police that it was Pavlic who drove the ATV that took out the light pole. During this exchange Pavlic kept intervening and swearing at the officers, not so kindly requesting they get off of his property. Police stated that Pavlic had slurred words, and strongly smelled of alcohol.

Pavlic turned pro in 2000 and has a record of 37 and 2 with 32 knockouts. He was the Ring, WBO, and WBC middleweight champion when he beat Jermain Taylor in 2007, and lost his title last year.

2 weeks ago in an interview Pavlic claimed that he isn't an alcoholic, and that people hold that on him cause they're just envious.

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