Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Jeremy Shockey TE Carolina Panthers

Carolina Panthers TE Jeremy Shockey has always seemed to be a big partier, from New York to New Orleans to now in Carolina. However in his second season in the NFL, he was apparently concerned about what it was doing to his body, and likely rightfully so.

From Sports Illustrated in 2003:

He can even, in the early-morning party hours, see all the damage he's doing to himself. Shockey doesn't know much about the last golden-haired New York icon from Oklahoma, about Mickey Mantle or any of the other stars who drank their way across Manhattan and ended up tragic. But if anything is going to save Shockey from the life being dangled before him, it's the fact that he is already starting to worry about it.

"If I'm on a three-day drinking binge, partying hard, I'm pretty good about saying, What the f—am I doing?" he says. "I feel so damn guilty, I can barely sleep at night. All I'm thinking is, I can't wait till I get home because I'm going to kill myself to get back in shape. After I went to Puerto Rico on my first vacation after the season, I tried to kill myself for the Pro Bowl. Then I go out to Vegas the first time, and I'm like, Aw, that won't happen again. But I'm telling you: I found myself waking up at four o'clock in the morning, doing pushups and sit-ups half drunk. I feel so guilty. I feel like I'm doing my body so bad."

Then of course 6 years later in May of 2009, he apparently completely forgot about how much he didn't want to drink cause it hurt his body when he was rushed to the hospital on a stretcher due to "dehydration" aka he was too drunk.

With just 32 catches, 423 yards, and 3 touchdowns this year, he probably gets more of a workout from his drunk pushups than he does on the field. Then again, beer is probably an amazing pre-workout.

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