Friday, December 16, 2011

Antwan Odom DE Ex-Cincinnati Bengals

In the same day that Sam Hurd got arrested trying to buy 2 tons of marjiuana in a one month time frame, another ex-NFL player was arrested for marijuana possession.

Antwan Odom was pulled over in a traffic stop and officers smelled burnt marijuana coming from his car. In the search of the vehicle police found two blunts and one handgun. He was ultimately charged with marijuana possession, possession of an Affliction T-Shirt, and impersonating Rick Ross.

Odom was drafted in the second round by the Tennessee Titans out of Alabama where he played the first 5 years of his NFL career. He had 8 sacks in his final season there leading him to sign a free agent contract with the Cincinnati Bengals. Various injuries derailed him there in his first season, but his second season he exploded with 8 sacks in 6 games, including a franchise record 5 sacks of Aaron Rodgers before suffering a season ending achilles injury. Last year he was held to just 4 games due to injury and a four game PED suspension. He was released after the lockout this year.

After being released, in an incident in August he was shot. A childhood friend of Odom's came into his home, with the childhood's girlfriend present, and shot at Odom twice with a 410 shotgun. He missed both shots then fired again striking Odom in the right upper thigh. They fought over the weapon before the suspect fled. He turned himself in and was charged with attempted murder. From losing his job, to getting shot, to getting charged with marijuana possession. Odom's had a bad end of his 2011.

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