Thursday, November 3, 2011

Ty Wiggington IF, Logan Morrison OF, Andres Torres OF, Latroy Hawkins P, Robinson Cano 2B

While on a trip to Taiwan to play baseball, MLB All-Stars decided to take part in the culture of Taiwan -- specifically drinking snake blood mixed with rice liquor. Milwaukee Brewers reliever LaTroy Hawkins, Florida Marlins outfielder Logan Morrison, Yankees second baseman Robinson Cano, Colorado Rockies third baseman Ty Wiggington, and San Francisco Giants outfielder Andres Torres all took part in the festivities.

Hawkins stated on twitter; "Tweeps drank the snake blood!Didn't taste bad, waterd dwn with Rice Liquor,a lot of fun." While Morrison said on twitter that it was the best part of the trip.

Morrison also said; ""I'm definitely going to hit home runs on this trip now, I'm going to have powers like Spider-Man, but more snake-like powers."

Looks like the MLB has another performance enhancing drug to test for, and we all know Barry Bonds already has his shipment on the way. 

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