Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Rachel Vigers F Southern Miss

Southern Mississippi forward Rachel Vigers was a key component to Golden Eagles last year -- she was the leading scorer with 16.4 points per game and 6.5 rebound per game. 

Now following her arrest, the 1-2 Golden Eagles will have to move forward indefinitely without her. 

Vigers was a passenger that was pulled over for having a expired registration late Saturday night. At some point in time during the stop she pulled 907 grams of marijuana, or around 2 pounds, out of the front of her pants. It hasn't been noted yet whether the police asked why she had a bigger bulge than them. She was arrested and charged with felony possession of marijuana with the intent to distribute. The charge is punishable in Mississippi by 24 years in prison and up to a $500,000 fine. 

She was dismissed from the team Monday night. 

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