Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Mike McQueary Assistant Coach Penn State

Wasn't it the good ol days when our college football scandals involved cars, rogue agents, and tattoos?

Mike McQueary, then a graduate assistant and now an assistant coach (seen above after being bought a shot by twitter follower @Slew_John37), was one of the people to catch now infamous Jerry Sandusky in the act with a child on Penn State premises in 2002 as noted in the Jury Presentation.

What happened after he walked into the showers where he saw Sandusky and a boy? Well, apparently nothing of use. McQueary, a former record setting QB, left distraught and called his father. The next day he went and told Head Coach Joe Paterno. Paterno, the day after he was told, called his superior Tim Curley, Penn State's Athletic Director.

Nothing was heard of for a week and a half before McQueary was called into Curley's office with Senior Vice President of Finance and Business Gary Schultz. He reported what he had seen and Curley and Schultz claimed they would "look into it" and determine what further action to take.

If you're keeping track at home, this is already almost 2 WEEKS since the incident happened.

A couple weeks late McQueary heard back from Curley, and was told that Sandusky's keys were taken to the locker room, and that his childrens foundation (where he met the children he allegedly abused) Second Mile had been informed. However, McQueary was never investigated by police until 2010 -- 8 years later -- when he testified.

I guess, personally, I (as just about everyone in the world) found a few things wrong with this. The former QB turned Graduate Assistant who is now a wide receivers coach for Penn State has apparently seen a rise through the coaching ranks since this situation. Next, if you're in that situation, and you see a boy, as he testified, being subjected to anal intercourse by Sandusky -- why wouldn't you tell the police immediately. Or at the very least while you're waiting weeks to hear back from the superiors. Lastly, his keys were taken away but up until LAST WEEK Sandusky was working out on Penn State property according to reports -- as well as running overnight football camps for kids in 2009. Maybe I should have just said that nothing is right about this whole situation.

Now that a 9th victim has come forward, my only thought is -- had he came forward -- how many assaults could he have stopped?

For a good recap of the scandal, go to Slew Footers.

For pictures of Joe Paterno drinking, go HERE.

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