Thursday, November 10, 2011

Leonard Tyrell Young G Fresno Pacific

When something doesn't go your way, say -- you don't get the promotion you obviously deserved, your significant other leaves you for a better looking individual, etc. etc. What do you do to clear your mind and get over it? Punch a pillow? Shed a few manly tears? Not be a bitch?

Well Leonard Tyrell Young takes getting bad news to a new level. After getting kicked off the Fresno Pacific University basketball team, he went on a mini Grand Theft Auto-esque adventure.

Police were called at around 11:30 PM after getting calls about a naked, intoxicated man running through the street and pounding his fists on cars. Young's friends told the officers that he had been kicked off the team about and hour prior, and that he had "tore up" his apartment before running into the streets naked. At a gas station, Young allegedly knocked one woman to the ground and assaulted another before pounding his fists on the bullet proof glass inside the gas station and on cars outside.

As an officer was pulling his dog out of the police car, Young ran up to him, the cop shoved him, and then Young got into the car and put the vehicle in drive. As the officer and Young wrestled, the dog bit young on the leg and Young hit the dog as he attempted to drive away. The officer got a foot on the break pedal but Young drove the car across the street. They attempted to taser Young three times, but it didn't affect him.

Finally, they got him handcuffed and out of the car after hitting him in the wrists with a flashlight.

So for getting kicked off the team, he assaulted two women, punched a bunch of cars, assaulted an officer, attempted to steal a police car, got bit by a police dog, punched said police dog, got tasered three times, and then arrested. He has since plead not guilty to felony charges of resisting arrest and vandalism and to a misdemeanor charge of interfering with a police dog in the line of duty. He was also initially charged with being under the influence of a controlled substance.

I don't think I've had a worse day than that.

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