Thursday, November 3, 2011

Lawrence Wilson LB Carolina Panthers

With half of the Carolina Panthers linebackers out due to injury, the last thing they needed was another injury to their 'backers. The second to last thing they needed was an arrest to one of their 'backers.

Well Lawrence Wilson, a linebacker on the Panthers practice squad, was arrested on Wednesday for marijuana possession when he was pulled over and found to have 11 grams of marijuana. Wilson was stopped, laughably, at 4:20 PM for speeding. Wilson claimed he didn't have his drivers license on him, and the officers smelled marijuana. When they tried to handcuff him he began to tense up and wouldn't comply and back up was called.

Wilson claimed he was on a break from his job, which the Panthers do have a bye week this week, and then began to cry and wondered what he was going to do with his career (something Tim Tebow does after every drive). He was eventually charged with marijuana possession and speeding.

Wilson was a 6th round selection out of UCONN this past April, and was placed on the practice squad in September.

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