Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Julian Edelman WR New England Patriots

New England Patriots reserve wide receiver Julian Edelman was arrested this morning on charges of Indecent Assault and Battery from a nightclub incident.

Edelman allegedly groped a woman on the dance floor by putting his hands up her Halloween costume. The man who was with the woman then bumped Edelman on the dance floor. The police report then states, “He saw the victim’s face change into an expression of shock," presumably because the man he just bumped into was a NFL player who has been through NFL weight training. The man confronted Edelman and then all three were kicked out of the club. Edelman denied groping the woman, but was arrested and charged regardless.

The picture above from last night at the club proves two things, A. that mustache does not help his case one bit, and B. he didn't dress up like Ben Roethlisberger for Halloween.

Update: Julian Edelman awkwardly signed autographs after being released this morning, and his mugshot can be seen below

Update: Yet another picture of Julian Edelman at the club have come out, this one from Deadspin.

Update: Okay, one more. This one from Busted Coverage, via some chick on twitter. Maybe the scared one in the picture.

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