Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Johnny Jolly DL Ex-Green Bay Packers

Johnny Jolly, who is currently still under suspension after four codeine related arrests, spoke with ESPN's Outside the Lines regarding his codeine addiction.

Jolly claims that he used codeine "daily" and everytime he thought about an upcoming game. An emotional Jolly also stated that codeine was his "only friend." When speaking of how he watched the Super Bowl, Jolly said, "I didn't want to be around anyone. I didn't want to answer no questions. And so I stayed in the room, just drunk, and watched."

Jolly's parent were both addicted to crack, and his mother -- who successfully completed rehab and has been 20 years sober -- hopes Jolly gets into a rehabilitation facility and stay there for as long as it takes until he gets sober.

Jolly stated that losing football was like losing multiple loved ones at the same time, yet still has hopes to get back into the league. If Jolly can break his addiction to codeine, and get another chance from commissioner Roger Goodell, here's hoping he can make the best of it.

Update: Johnny Jolly's career is officially over. Despite tearful pleas to get a chance to go to a rehabilitation center as opposed to a jail sentence, Jolly was sentenced to 6 years for his 4th drug arrest, and most likely his 3rd probation violation. He was arrested on 7/8/08 for possession of 200-400 grams, 12/15/09 for possession of 200-400 grams, 3/25/11 for possession of over 400 grams, and 10/1/11 for possession of 400 grams and tampering/fabricating evidence.

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