Thursday, November 17, 2011

Ivan Calderon Ex-WBO Light Flyweight Champion

Profession Boxer Ivan Calderon, who has held the WBO Light Flyweight belt, WBO Minimumweight belt, and the Ring Light Flyweight belt, owns the house where US Federal Agents believed there was drugs.

And drugs they did find. To be more exact: 500 pounds, or 225 kilograms of cocaine. The street value of the drugs is well over $4 million. The house was in Puerto Rico in the city of Humacao.

Of course Calderon (Who holds a record of 34-2) claims that this house is just one of many he owns, and that he had no idea of the illegal activities that happened there. Like somehow you can not know about 500 pounds of cocaine in your residence. Must have thought the maid was just borrowing a lot of sugar from the neighbors. 

To be a minimumweight in professional boxing, you have to weigh less than 105 pounds. For the light flyweight, you have to be less than 108 pounds. At just 5 feet tall, something tells me Calderon wouldn't need 500 pounds of cocaine to get his buzz on.

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