Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Stephen Garcia QB South Carolina

The long, drunk tenure of South Carolina QB Stephen Garcia has finally come to end. Fittingly -- it came to an end as The Oklahoman writer Travis Haney tweets; "SC QB Stephen Garcia failed alcohol test last week. Prompted dismissal. He was subject to regular tests."

He had been suspended by South Carolina head coach Steve Spurrier on at least 5 separate occasions, with I can't even remember how many of them being labeled as "indefinite" but this one is finally for good.

His first suspension came after an arrest for public drunkeness and failure to obey a police command. He was suspended indefinitely which lasted all of one day.

Another suspension came after a malicious injury to personal property charge for keying a SC professors car. The suspension -- coming a month after the first -- was indefinite but only lasted spring practices. He was told he was on his last chance.

The next suspension came after an underage drinking charge, and an incident a few hours later when a fire extinguisher was sprayed and he was listed as a "suspect." He ended up being suspended for 5 months following that incident.

The fourth suspension came in March of this year when he allegedly brought women and alcohol into the hotel room before the Chick-Fil-A Bowl. The security for the team allegedly went into the room and found 5 women, 2 of whom were naked. The suspension lasted a few spring practices.

The last suspension came in April of this year when Garcia allegedly pregamed before a mandatory meeting and smelled of alcohol at the "How to be an MVP in Life!" Seminar.

Now after being benched, he appears to have been drowning away some sorrows which led to a failed alcohol test and subsequent dismissal. Someone get him the # to the local AA chapter.

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