Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Mike Napoli C Texas Rangers

Texas Rangers center Mike Napoli, far right, is hitting 3.14 with 7 walks, 14 RBI's, and 3 home runs so far this postseason. He and the Rangers have a chance to win the World Series with a victory over the St. Louis Cardinals this afternoon, and if they do I can guarantee that they will be partying harder than him and pitcher Jared Weaver above in their Angels days.

After being drafted in 2006 out of highschool in the 17th round by the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim, he was traded in 2010 to the Tampa Bay Blue Jays for outfielders Juan Rivera and Vernon Wells, and then traded again four days later to the Rangers for pitcher Frank Francisco.

I think it's pretty clear who got the better end of the deal in that situation.

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