Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Jordan Schafer CF Houston Astros

Jordan Schafer, who was traded from the Atlanta Braves to the Houston Astros along with 3 minor league prospects in August in exchange for gold glove CF Michael Bourne. The career .228 hitter also went through a very shade 50 game suspension in 2009 for use of HGH in which no test was given to Schafer -- but was connected to HGH by anecdotal evidence.Now Schafer has another obstacle to get through, specifically, a felony marijuana charge. Schafer was arrested at 12:38 AM at the address for The Cheescake Factory when he was found to have an expired tag on his Range Rover. The windows were up and police smelled a strong odor of marijuana emitting from the vehicle. The best evidence the police had was that Schafer had a joint in his left hand, which he had apparently not tried to hide. Police after a search of the vehicle found a plastic container containing a "green leafy substance" which was supposedly 25 grams of marijuana.

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