Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Walker Lee Woods RB, Donnie Jennert WR Iowa State

Andrea Melendez/The Register

Iowa State Cyclones running back Walker Lee Woods, and wide receiver Donnie Jennert (above, in happier times), were both arrested within ten minutes of each other in the early morning hours on Saturday. Walker Lee Woods was arrested on charges of public intoxication at around 12:40 AM, while Jennert - who was ruled acidemically ineligible - was arrested at 12:50 AM on charges of underage drinking. Both were arrested around the same area, but police don't know if the incidents were related by any means.

The first, Woods, was arrested after a fight with a female. She alleges that they were arguing when he shoved her to the ground and punched her on the right side of the face. Woods admitted to drinking, saying he drank 3 or 4 mixed drinks prior, and registered a .08 when breathalyzed.

Jennert on the other hand was screaming as he was walking down the street, and when police stopped him he ran. They found him hiding and he was "highly emotional" aka he was probably crying because, you know, all the adrenaline and shit. He refused a breath test. Probably because he couldn't blow in the breathalyzer hard enough between sobs.

Update: Jennert had to take the horizontal gaze test, in which he failed 4 out of 6 points. That's not the real update though, Jennert has filed a complaint against the police department in regards to his arrest. The arrest in which, you know, he ran from the police and simply got an underage instead of a resisting arrest ticket, an obstructing justice ticket, and possibly a trespassing ticket. Maybe he's just mad about the wording of the police report. Maybe he was just "slightly emotional" and it was just a single manly tear.

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