Thursday, September 8, 2011

Peyton Manning QB Indianapolis Colts

The will he or won't he game continues with Peyton Manning. Will he get a third neck surgery, or won't he. Will he play at all this season, or won't he. According to Jay Glazer and his sources, a third surgery can be expected by the weekend.

Receiving a $90 million dollar contract extension just in July, they might not even get to see their star QB play at all this season. Colts owner Jim Irsay has been running with it like a joke on twitter, hinting towards being in Mississippi to sign Brett Favre, to announcing on twitter today that "#18's out for awhile,butcompete,we will/BELIEVE." Peyton Manning will just have to take his millions and hit up the karaoke clubs with center Jeff Saturday as seen above, he just can't stress his neck hitting the high notes.

As for now, however, the status of Dallas Clark (neck), Reggie Wayne (neck), Austin Collie (neck), and Pierre Garcon (neck) have been downgraded to "worthless" for the season.

Update:  It's official. Eli Manning will be the best Manning in the NFL the season. Run for cover. Peyton Manning underwent cervical fusion surgery this morning after injuring his neck from trying to hold up his enlarged forehead (that's probably not true). He is ruled out for 2-3 months but there is no current plans to put him on the IR or send him out to the pasture.

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