Thursday, September 15, 2011

Chris McAlister CB Ex-Baltimore Ravens

From 2000 when Chris McAlister was selected in the first round by the Baltimore Ravens at pick #10 out of Arizona, until his release in 2008 -- McAlister made $48,736,801 in salary. The next year he signed a one year contract with the New Orleans Saints where he didn't make it all the way through the contract, being cut before the Super Bowl run. The $48 million amount included a 7 year $55 million contract with $17.5 million in total guarantees in 2004, which he did not make it fully through.

Now, Chris McCalister is facing some severe financial difficulties from god knows what. In court documents obtained by TMZ, McCalister states "I live in my parent's home. My parents provide me with my basic living expenses as I do not have the funds to do so." and he has asked the courts to lower his child support payments from $11,000.

The child support payments are to a woman named Marlene, who he was only married to for 13 months before allegedly kicking her out of the house for refusing to get an abortion. Then again, without that abortion she is making $132,000 a year for nothing.

In the past, McCalister was arrested for marijuana possession in 2000, which was dropped, got arrested for disturbing the peace after fighting with a flight attendent over seating arrangements in 2001, and was arrested for DUI in 2003 - but those charges were dropped also.

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