Thursday, August 18, 2011

Vince Wilfork DL New England Patriots

Nevin Shapiro, who is currently in jail for his role in a $930,000,000 Ponzi Scheme, came out and gave Yahoo! Sports information on what kind of benefits he gave University of Miami players when he was a booster to the school. It included all kinds of things, including free drinks and dinner, exclusive access to his VIP section, use of his mansion and yacht, bounty money for in game situations, and other gifts.

Some of the things given were $1,150 in bounties to now Panthers LB Jon Beason, money for an engagement ring and rims to now Bears WR Devin Hester as well as $7,500 in bounties, $2,000 in bounties and some custom tailored suits for now Broncos RB Willis McGahee, a $7,500 watch as well as possibly up to $40,000 in cash gifts to now Giants S Antrel Rolle, a 42 inch TV for now Packers CB Sam Shields, and seen drinking with him above Vince Wilfork received a $50,000 check during his Junior season, as well as a washer and dryer and over $1,000 in bounty money.

For the rest of the story, and more pictures, head to Yahoo! Sports and read the whole report by Charles Robinson.

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