Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Ndamukong Suh DT Detroit Lions

Lions defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh, the reigning defensive rookie of the year, has been fined for the third time in his short career. Last year he was fined $7,500 for throwing then Browns QB Jake Delhomme down by his head, later he was fined $15,000 for a shove to the back of Bears QB Jay Cutler's head. Now, he was fined $20,000 for throwing Bengals QB Andy Dalton down by his head. That's a small price to pay for trying to decapitate a man.

Of course, he's only hit a shitty Jay Cutler, a shitty Jake Delhomme, and a rookie Andy Dalton. Wait until he cheap shots a Manning, or a Brady, or a Rodgers. That's going to hit the bank more than this pocket change he's getting charged for his illegal hits. Of course though, according to him he isn't a dirty player.


  1. He's not a dirty player. The problem is people like YOU who buy into the pussification of the NFL that's being propagated by Rodger fucking Goodell. Take off your fucking granny panties and pull a cock out of your vajayjay...if you have one.

  2. First off, the "pussification of the NFL" being propogated by "Rodger fucking Goodell" (Would it have killed you to spell his name right?) is in regards to late hits, defensles receivers, and any and all quarterback hits.

    Stomping on a player after slamming his head into the ground long after a play is dead is in every way, shape, and form dirty.

    And no, I do not have a "vajayjay"