Monday, August 22, 2011

Jordan Jefferson QB, Chris Davenport OT, Josh Johns LB, Jarvis Landry WR LSU

At a bar off of the LSU campus, starting QB Jordan Jefferson as well as offensive lineman Chris Davenport, linebacker Josh Johns, and wide receiver Jarvis Landry were all involved in a melee that left four men hospitalized. A Baton Rouge police department spokesman has now confirmed taht one of the four kicked a man in the head "soccer style" and several witnesses have come forward stating that Jefferson, who threw three touchdowns to one interception to beat Texas A&M in the Cotton Bowl, was the one who was doing the kicking.

All four of the players have been asked to have a meeting with the Baton Rouge police department regarding there roles in the brawl, however since they got lawyer'd up the meeting was delayed. All four of the injured victims have decided to press charges against the four who they have named as the aggressors.

This is just getting started, and now the Tigers may have the opportunity to put an actual quarterback on the field this season.

Update: According to the police one of the four male victims in the assault, the one who presumably is still in the hospital and has two of the four (Jefferson and  Johns) potentially facing felony charges has 3 fractured vertebrae, while another man has what is being called contusions to the head nose and hands. The officer was also sure to state that this case is far from over, and that charges may -- or may not -- be coming. Also noted that more LSU football players who at the time were breaking curfew as sort of an end of camp tradition are going to be interviewed as witnesses to the fight.

Update: This picture, taken from Deadspin, shows the face of the marine that Jefferson allegedly kicked in the face when he tried to help the driver the LSU team was allegedly beating up for honking at them for blocking the roadway. That's a good headline to start the season at LSU - "Starting QB kicks face of Unites States Marine Corp Soldier who was on the ground." That's something a PR team can't come close to fixing.

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