Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Joe Lopez DT, Will Storey S, Conner Hamlett & Tyler Perry TE Oregon State

Four members of the Oregon State Beaver football squad have found themselves in a bit of underage trouble. Defensive tackle Joe Lopez, safety Will Storey, and tight ends Conner Hamlett and Tyler Perry (Not that Tyler Perry) were all charged with Minor in Possession, as well as 36 counts Hosting a Party for Minors, 36 counts Furnishing Alcohol for Minors, and Unlawful Amplified Sound for Storey, Hamlett and Lopez.

Police got a search warrant for Lopez, Hamlett, and Storey's home due to a noise violation. The owners of the apartment turned off the lights, turned off the stereo, and locked the door.  Despite repeated knocking, ringing the doorbell, and phone calls to Storey's phone, they didn't come out. When they finally got into the house, they found a lame party with just 36 people including tight end Tyler Perry inside. Everybody in the house got charged with minor in possession.

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