Sunday, August 21, 2011

Connor McNicholas Temple

As a freshman golfer last year at Temple university, Connor McNicholas played extremely well being named the Most Outstanding Rookie Performer at the conference championship, and earned a All-Conference nod. Now, his future with the program is all but over, and he might have to learn to hone his craft behind bars after a accident that left two dead.

McNicholas, driving a 2007 Honda Civic, was traveling an estimated 97-103 MPH when his car shanked off the road and crashed into numerous trees. Two 19 year old passengers died following head injuries that occurred in the accident, while McNicholas and two other passengers were taken to the hospital for minor injuries. When describing the scene of the accident, the first assistant district attorney stated, “One tree was 22 inches thick and 20 feet tall and the car sheared it off, after seeing the condition of the car personally, I’m surprised anyone survived the crash.”

McNicholas was charged with DUI, Falsification With the Police, 2 Counts of Vehicular Homicide. The falsification charge came after he lied to police stating that the passengers in his car were strangers, when in fact they were his best friends from childhood. 

His BAC was a reported .117.

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