Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Cliff Harris CB, Darron Thomas QB Oregon

When Cliff Harris was ticketed for going 118 MPH and driving without a license, there was nothing really to comment on other than Cliff Harris should probably slow down. Now, more has come out and it's involving star QB Darron Thomas as well.

Police cars had to take their cruisers over 140 MPH to catch up to Harris, and pulled over quickly when the red and blue lights came on. Harris stated that he was speeding because he was trying to get home to Eugene. Then the officer asked who in the car has marijuana, Harris states that they "smoked it all" which the officer didn't believe. Later, after learning the names of everyone in the car, he asks what Coach Chip Kelly would think if he knew that they were smoking marijuana going 118 MPH down the road, to which an unknown person in the vehicle stated that not all of them had been smoking marijuana. Later, they blame the two in the back of the vehicle for smoking the weed, one that isn't a football player and one that was already graduated.

The rest of the incident can be read HERE, or you can watch the dashboard cam up above.

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