Monday, July 25, 2011

Matt Elam S Florida Gators

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Safety Matt Elam is letting the world know what his drinking preferences are, just a Sophomore with the Florida Gators he has already been arrested twice for possessing alcohol underage, the first time his preference was Four Loko, and now his second offense his preference was Hennessey and Coke.

Alegedly police found Elam drinking out of a red cup filled with a dark liquid, and upon seeing the police he tossed the cup thinking that would make all of his problems go away. Of course that's not how the cookie crumbled, and it was later found out to be the before mentioned Hennessey and Coke.

The former 5 star recruit was considered the #3 player in the state of Florida. Last year he played mostly on special teams in all 13 games, but on the most recent depth chart released for the Gators he was to be a starter. Now he may not be able to play -- let alone start -- in the first game of the season.

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