Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Justin Lewis OL Maryland

Offensive lineman Justin Lewis was dismessed from the Maryland Terps program for "unspecified violation of team rules" and apparently the team rule he violated was not to punch a bar manager in the face. The manage, of course, violated an "unspecified bar rule" which is clearly stated "don't look at a guys girlfriend if he is a starting offensive lineman for a BCS program."

Lewis, who only missed one start last season, allegedly punched the manager of RJ Bentley's in the face causing facial trauma that led to an emergency room visit and a dentist visit. Apparently then Lewis began telling witnesses that the manager was "looking at his girl" -- who according to other Maryland football players wasn't even there.

Lewis, who would have been a redshirt junior this upcoming season, has started 15 of 24 games the last two seasons. 

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