Saturday, July 9, 2011

Hines Ward WR Pittsburgh Steelers

Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver Hines Ward went from Dancing with the Stars to Driving from the Bars last night when he was arrested on charges of  driving under the influence. Details aren't readily available, but Ward was arrested at booked at 3:41 AM and later released on a $1,000 bond. Safe to say there was some cheap shots at the bar last night, cause we all know how much Ward loves cheap shots.

Ward, the former Super Bowl MVP has been to four pro bowls since being drafted in the 3rd round of the 1998 draft out of Georgia. In those years he has been a Super Bowl Champion 2 times, and is also a 1 time Dancing with the Stars champion. One of those I wouldn't brag too much about.

Update: Ward, who through his agent has been clamoring that he was not hindered by alcohol, was apparently not expecting the police report to come to light. Ward was pulled over at 2:30 AM because he could not maintain his lane and hit the curb with his grey Aston Martin. The officer who came up to the vehicle said that Ward smelled strongly of alcohol and had glassy, bloodshot eyes. Ward had admitted to drinking just 2 Coronas at a bar three hours prior. A hand held breath test registered alcohol in his system (BAC not given) and he failed numerous sobriety tests. Of the sobriety tests he failed, he swayed back and forth and became angry during the tests, and omitted letters from the alphabet

Update: Hines Ward BAC was .128 after the supposed 2 Corona's 3 hours prior from a portable breath test. He claimed that he had been driving erratically because he dropped his cell phone. The test apparently is plus or minus 5% so his case might not be that bad, even though he refused the regular breath test at the police station or a blood test he could lose his license for a year.

What will hurt Ward is that he was given the field sobriety tests by a trained DUI task force officer, which he failed every single one of. Along with his alphabet slip up, he also allegedly repeatedly failed to keep his balance, swayed back and forth, missed the heel-to-toe connection, turned improperly and had to use his arms for balance during a one-leg stand.

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