Saturday, June 18, 2011

Raheem Brock DL Seattle Seahawks

Seahawks DL Raheem Brock, who got a DUI and tried to hide it from the team back in November, was arrested again, this time for being a cheap ass.

Brock, 33 and currently a free agent, was asked to leave the Copabanana bar due to the fact that a female he was with had brought in food from another place to eat there. So they up and left without paying their $27 bar tab. A waitress called the police and told them of the missing $27, and they found him across the street. He didn't comply with officers and then when they tried to handcuff him he resisted arrest. He was ultimately charged with theft of services and resisting arrest.

I understand, though, the economy is bad and Brock doesn't have a job right now but over his career he has made about $20,000,000 and this was a huge turd move.

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