Thursday, June 9, 2011

Marc Tyler RB USC

Marc Tyler led USC in rushing and rushing touchdowns with 913 rushing yards and 9 touchdowns, and to my knowledge now leads the team in drunken spitting on girl incidents.

According to a incident report on USC's Department of Public Safety website Tyler, a former 5 star recruit, was intoxicated and spat on a female after she and a friend had helped his drunk ass home, and a separate incident saying that he had inappropriately touched a female at a campus bar. He admits to spitting on the one girl, but denies any sexual assault in the second incident.

He has apologized since the incidents, which were in April, and has reportedly sought counseling.

Update but not really: Marc Tyler has been suspended by USC head coach Lane Kiffin for "at least" the season opener after comments to paparazzi website TMZ that can be found here. There he talks about how all USC running backs get their Heisman's, and they "all gettin' Kim Kardashian" as well as some comments his club going friends called a "joke" about how USC players make more money than NFL players. Drunk running backs say the darnedest things.

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