Monday, June 27, 2011

Chris Johnson RB Tennessee Titans

Last year Darrelle Revis held out because he had played considerably better than his rookie contract was paying, even though he was drafted in the first round. This year, the hold out might be Chris Johnson of the Tennessee Titans, who in the last two seasons has accumulated 4,118 yards from scrimmage (3,370 rushing and 748 through the air) all while playing with Vince Young, Kerry Collins, and Rusty Smith as his starting quarterbacks.

Due just $800,000 this coming year, and also under contract for next season to the tune of $2,210,000. The fact that running backs have such a short career span will likely lead to the holdout, as an injury might end his career at any moment. Plus a holdout will allow for him to party more with Edgerrin James as seen above, because we all know he's not playing anywhere next season.

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