Saturday, May 14, 2011

Shaun Chapas FB Dallas Cowboys

The Dallas Cowboys drafted Georgia FB Shaun Chapas at pick #220 of the 7th round in the NFL Draft and apparently he will get plugged into the starting line up replacing Chris Gronkowski. Gronkowski's claim to fame, other than being related to the far superior Patriots TE Rob Gronkowski, was blowing a blocking assignment that ended up with Tony Romo breaking his collar bone.

Maybe they didn't want to see Stephen McGee or Jon Kitna on the field again so they drafted a FB that wouldn't completely fuck up their season. Chapas is known as a hard working, yet undersized, fullback. He won many leadership awards at Georgia and was named a permanent captain for the Bulldogs 2010 season.


  1. 6'2" now 249Lbs

  2. Chapas is tough nosed, smart, hard worker will surprise many at Dallas. Good pick great value as 7th rounder.