Thursday, May 26, 2011

Ray Small WR Ex-Ohio State

Ex-Buckeye's WR Ray Small didn't do a whole lot on the field, he ran into some legal problems and some academic problems, and ultimately was off the team. Now, feeling left out of the all the news that Ohio State is getting, he decided to go out and snitch on all of his former teammates.

"We had four Big Ten rings There was enough to go around. We have apartments, car notes, So you got things like that and you look around and you're like, ‘Well I got (four) of them, I can sell one or two and get some money to pay this rent."

He didn't just talk about how he sold his stuff while he was at OSU, but actually everyone else did apparently. He claims that the Buckeye players don't even know about the NCAA rules, how deals came for cars and tattoos, and that "everybody was doing it."

Now every current and former OSU player is blowing up twitter with how he is "snitchin" on his former teammates, and how he is out of the "brotherhood." Including Raiders rookie CB Chimdi Chekwa, Buckeyes OL Michael Brewster, Cardinals RB Chris "Beanie" Wells, Bills S Donte Whitner, and Dolphins WR Brian Hartline.

Well at least we know how Small relieved his nerves before becoming the Lebron James of Ohio State.

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