Saturday, May 14, 2011

Greg McElroy QB New York Jets

Greg McElroy, National Championship QB and Rhodes Scholar applicant, had to wait all the way until pick #208 in the 7th round before hearing his name called by the New York Jets.McElroy claims he wore #12 at Alabama to honor his fathers favorite QB in the league, Joe Namath, so it's only fitting that the Jets decided to go with him as the signal caller to back up Mark Sanchez.

McElroy was also one of only 4 QB's to pass the "26-27-60" rule in this draft (26 on the Wonderlic, 27 games started in college, and 60% completion in college) the other three were Christian Ponder, Andy Dalton, and Blaine Gabbert. While it's not the be all end all to whether the QB will be successful in the NFL, it has been pretty accurate. Most notably, however, Brett Favre -- among a few others -- did not pass the test, scoring low on the Wonderlic exam.

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