Monday, May 23, 2011

Garrett Wolfe RB Chicago Bears

Chicago Bears RB Garrett Wolfe found himself behind bars early Sunday morning with charges of retail theft, disorderly conduct, assaulting a police officer and resisting arrest with violence and facing a bond of $11,500. Nothing was released initially as to why he was arrested, but the Chicago Sun Times has released some details as to why he was arrested, and it must be because the lockout is hitting him hard.

Wolfe was in Miami at a bar when he refused to pay his bar tab and was getting ejected by bouncers, they gave him an opportunity to pay his tab. Two off duty officers were called to help, and Wolfe attacked them causing allegedly minor injuries. Wolfe, as you can see above, didn't leave the scuffle unscathed.

Standing 5'6 and leaving Northern Illinois as one of the productive running backs in college football history, he has gained just 282 yards in 4 years after being selected in the third round. As Dean Wormer would say right now, "Short, Drunk, and Stupid is no way to go through life, son"

Update: Wolfe's bar tab that he refused to pay was $1,600. Considering he couldn't pay that amount, it's not surprising he was still behind bars late yesterday evening on the $11,500 bond.

Second Update: Wolfe's actual tab he was refusing to pay was valued at $1,572, and the dispute was over three bottles of champagne that he denied purchasing. He was released from custody to take care of his bar tab, but instead lunged and attacked one of the off duty officers. Then the drunk and cocky Wolfe threatened to sue the officers and asked him to compare bank accounts. Maybe the officer should have rebutted saying that at least he has a fucking job.

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  1. Florida law protects criminal bar owners. They can charge whatever they want and if the "customer" refuses to pay, they can have the "customer" arrested. Doesn't matter if they are charging $25 dollars per drink or $500 per bottle of champaign. Too many walk offs in past years. Florida used to be a fun place to go. Buyer beware is the rule of thumb here!