Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Dana Holgorsen OC WVU

West Virginia Mountaineers offensive coordinator, and apparent "Head Coach in Waiting" Dana Holgorsen ran into some apparent drunk trouble at a casino that involved security and police, but no charges. According the the Daily Mail, Holgorsen's behavior got so out of hand that he was to be escorted out of the Cross Lanes Casino, but he refused to cooperate so police were called with the casino saying a "white male" was "refusing to cooperate with the casino's management."

When the police arrived his behavior must have changed completely, as police said no incident was done that even required a police report. He cooperated fully with the police.

Holgorsen has released a statement, saying:

"I learned a valuable lesson from this incident. As a football coach, I am always in the public eye and I have to hold myself to a higher standard, which is what I ask our players to do. I'm sorry that this incident has put the university and the football program in a difficult position. I will not put myself in that situation again."

Holgorsen, 39, had previously coached at Texas Tech, Oklahoma State, and Houston among other places. With the police being called at 3:13 AM, and with Holgorsen's behavior you have to wonder how many Natty Light's deep he was.

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