Monday, May 2, 2011

Chris Neild DL Washington Redskins

Chris Neild had to wait quite a while to be picked in the NFL Draft, but luckily slid in in round 7 at pick number 253. Had he waited one more slot he would have been Mr. Irrelevant as the last pick in the draft, and would have had a parade in his honor. He also would have had to play for the Texans though, so you gotta choose your battles wisely.

Neild was selected as a first team All-Big East performer for his Senior season in 2010, and started 39 games spanning his years as a Mountaineer. He was widely considered the heart and sole of the defense as he started at their NT position. Standing 6'2 and 319 pounds he is a nose tackle project for the Redskins who are likely looking to replace Albert Haynesworth. As long as he doesn't pass out on the field I think he will put in more effort than Haynesworth has since signing as a free agent.

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