Thursday, April 7, 2011

Stephen Garcia QB South Carolina

 AP Photo

Stephen Garcia has been suspended for public intoxication in 2007, keying a car a month later in 2007, for underage drinking in 2008, and less than a month ago for bringing girls and booze to his room before the Chick-Fil-A Bowl Game.

Well color me surprised, but Stephen Garcia has been suspended yet again. This time, he is suspended "Indefinitely" for showing up to a mandatory meeting last night smelling like alcohol and being belligerent to those in charge of the meeting. Allegedly, according to the same tweeter Chuck Oliver, the meeting was entitled "How to be an MVP in Life!" According to the Gamecocks beat reporter Travis Haney, Garcia admitted to drinking before the seminar which started at 7 PM. He also stated that Spurrier said the suspension will go the rest of the semester, and then, "We'll See."

If you ask me, he's already an MVP in life. No matter what he does, the coaches can't seem to kick him off the team. He can rage all he wants, tear shit up, miss all of spring practices, and then come back and be the starting QB. "Indefinitely" holds as much weight as the fact that he has been on his "Last Chance" the past four suspensions.

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