Friday, April 15, 2011

Ross Rasner LB Arkansas

Ross Rasner, a Junior LB for the Razorbacks who has played in 24 games his first 2 years in Arkansas, becomes the fourth Razorback arrested on marijuana charges in the past year.

Rasner was arrested at around 1:22 AM by University police on charges of possession of a controlled substance and being a minor in possession of alcohol. He was allegedly found in a parked car where police found marijuana and an opened bottle 3/4 full of Whiskey. The police checked on the car to make sure that the car wasn't left running while unoccupied, and when he rolled down the window the officers smelled marijuana. They found the marijuana in a purple Crown Royal bag, and then found the whiskey.

Rasner had spent a good portion of spring working with the first team defense, and was expected to play a big part in the spring game, which is being played today. It's safe to say he'll likely be on the sidelines.

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