Tuesday, April 5, 2011

NFL Prospects with Checkered Pasts

Here's a list of NFL prospects for this upcoming draft who have had run-ins with the law during college. Will the Bengals or Raiders draft every single one? Are Bengals and Raiders are criminals jokes getting old? Only time will tell.

Kenrick Ellis - DT - Hampton: booted from South Carolina for multiple violations of unspecified team rules. IT's rumored that the team rules violated were due to multiple failed drug tests.

Cam Newton - QB - Auburn: Arrested after being found with a stolen laptop from a UF student. He painted over the laptop and wrote "CAM NEWTON" on it, which must have been to show it was his. Later left UF to not be suspended/expelled for academic cheating/

Ryan Mallett - QB - Arkansas: Arrested for Public Intoxication in 2009 after transferring from Michigan. Has rampant rumors of "drug addiction"

Jimmy Smith - CB - Colorado: failed a drug test back in 2007, and had two charges of minor in possession during his time with the Buffs.

Mitch Mustain - QB - Mizzou: After transferring to USC from Arkansas, he was arrested for selling prescription drugs on CraigsList.

Chris Rucker - CB - Michigan State: Went to jail when he received the second DUI of his Spartans career last October. The newest one he was also given a warning for leaving the scene of a property damage accident. Also suspended with many other Michigan State players in connection with an on campus brawl.

Derrell Johnson-Koulianos - WR - Iowa: Arrested on 7 charges, including: four counts of possession of controlled substances, two counts of unlawful possession of prescription drugs and one count of keeping a drug house. During a search they found police found cocaine, marijuana, prescription drugs (pamoate, diazepam, hydromorphone hydrochloride and zolpidem tartrate pills), scales, $3,000 cash, and other items used in selling drugs.

Blaine Gabbert - QB - Missouri: Was involved in a drunk pizza parlor brawl that left his brother, teammate Tyler Gabbert with a broken nose, and LB Andrew Gachkar requiring stitches in his hand. Underage at the time, no charges were brought up even though they had "varying levels of intoxication".

Robert Aurich - LB - UMD: Arrested after being shitfaced wasted in which he kicked and shoved police who were trying to get him out of a bar. He even challenged the police, "Do you think you can take me to the ground? I’ll beat you up right now."

Brandon Hogan - CB - WVU: Arrested for DUI after driving on the wrong side of the road last September, and disorderly conduct/public urination back in April of last year.

Niles Paul - WR - Nebraska: Arrested for MIP and Public Urination last June, and for DUI, Driving under a suspended license, and MIP  in April of 2009.

Kyle Theret - S - Minnesota: Arrested for DUI after police saw him strike a parked car and pulling away.

Terrance Toliver - WR - LSU: Arrested for disturbing the peace by fistic encounter; disturbing the peace by public intoxication and resisting an officer March of last year.

Mike Hartline - QB - Kentucky: Arrested last December for second degree disorderly conduct, alcohol intoxication in a public place, and failure to notify the department of transportation of an address change after a woman called police saying that he had assaulted her.

Scooter Berry - DL - WVU: Arrested for Public Intoxication and Disorderly Conduct in October of 2009.

Jock Sanders - WR - WVU: Arrested for DUI when he crossed the yellow lines in February of 2009, and before that for an assault outside of a club.

Justin Houston - DE/OLB - Georgia: Suspended 2 games by the Bulldogs for failing drug tests.

Noel Devine - RB - WVU: Arrested in 2008 for assault in a battery that occurred outside of a club. Allegedly stole one of Deion Sanders' vehicles, a Cadillac Escalade, and drove it to the airport after he had been living with Sanders.

Rickey Thenarse - S - Nebraska: Arrested last December and suspended for their bowl game when he was found passed out in a car and charged with DUI, impeding traffic, and driving on a suspended license.

Trevor Hankins - P - Arizona State: Arrested for DUI last November when he made an illegal U-Turn when he "lost his wallet"

Mikel LeShoure - RB - Illinois: In 2008 a fight with teammate Wide Receiver Jeff Cumberland left him with a broken jaw, and he was suspended for violation of team rules the very next year.

Martez Wilson - LB - Illinois: Was involved in a bar fight, which he eventually lost via stabbing.

Quan Sturdivant - LB - UNC: Along with NCAA Violations, he was arrested for marijuana possession. Charge was eventually dropped in a deferred prosecution agreement.

Mark Dell - WR - Michigan State: Suspended along with Chris Rucker and many others in connection with an on campus brawl.

Scott Lutrus - LB - UCONN: Arrested for interfering with an officer after he fought with an officer after they were called to an on campus fight. Charges were later dropped.

Obie Ezeh - LB - Michigan: Arrested for OWI after he stuck a light pole.

Titus Young - WR - Boise State: Charged with MIP, suspended for most of 2008 season for violation of team rules.

Jabaal Sheard - DE/OLB - Pittsburgh: Charged with  charged with aggravated assault, resisting arrest, criminal mischief and disorderly conduct when he got into a fight, threw a man through a window while police batoned him, jumped on the bloody man and started pounding him before being subdued with Pepper Spray.

Jon Baldwin - WR - Pittsburgh: Charged with misdemeanor indecent assault stemming from an incident with a female on a bus.

Adrian Clayborn - DL - Iowa: Charged with misdemeanor charge of assault causing bodily injury after he confronted a Taxi driver who honked at him during a traffic jam. 

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