Monday, April 4, 2011

Mike Vrabel OLB Kansas City Chiefs

Mike Vrabel, who started 16 games last season for the Kansas City Chiefs and recorded 0 sacks, has been arrested on a felony theft charge. He was arrested for the theft at the Belterra Casino in Indiana, and in Indiana theft of any value is regarded as a felony. The items that Vrabel allegedly stole? 8 beers.

Now I was always under the thought that drinks were free in a Casino, as long as you were gambling while you were drinking. It helps you get drunk enough to gamble your money, but not so drunk that you're not responsible for your losses. I would think Vrabel would get his 8 Natty Light's for free, but apparently the Casino didn't view it that way. Maybe he wasn't gambling or he took the 8 beers and tried to run to his room. I guess being unemployed from the lockout has him strapped for cash.

Vrabel released a statement through his agent, saying: “It was an unfortunate misunderstanding, and I take full responsibility for the miscommunication. I feel comfortable that after talking with the appropriate parties, we will resolve this matter.

Update: According to Jason La Confora on twitter, the arrest was due to confusion of the number of beers on his tab.

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